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Booker T. Washington Elementary School

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Booker T. Washington Elementary School
2016-17 School Year Campus Directory
Campus Administration and Front Office Staff
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
Principal Bankhead, Glenell gbankhead@elginisd.net 1410  
Assistant Principal Tamez, Linda ltamez@elginisd.net 1411  
Counselor Merka, Cindy cmerka@elginisd.net 1412 Yes
Counselor Samaniego, Megan megan.samaniego@elginisd.net 1405 Yes
Registrar Hutchison, Nancy nhutchison@elginisd.net 1403  
Nurse Magel, Naomi nmagel@elginisd.net 1404  
Admin. Assistant Magnuson, Christa cmagnuson@elginisd.net 1401  
Receptionist Rico, Mary mary.rico@elginisd.net 1400  
Classroom Teachers, Aides, and Support Staff
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
1st Grade Teacher Barrera, Risa risa.barrera@elginisd.net 1469  
Curriculum Specialist Belz, Shannon shannon.belz@elginisd.net 1446  
Intervention Aide Bomer, Rachel rachel.bomer@elginisd.net 1432  
Computers Teacher Bonds, Tara tara.bonds@elginisd.net 1450 Yes
4th Grade Teacher Carnahan, Memory memory.carnahan@elginisd.net 1447 Yes
LSSP Carrillo, Gerardo gerardo.carrillo@elginisd.net 1496  
Solid Roots Cheek, Shawn shawn.cheek@elginisd.net 1461 Yes
2nd Grade Teacher Courtney, Jeanette jcourtney@elginisd.net 1455 Yes
2nd Grade Teacher Crafts, Rachel rachel.crafts@elginisd.net 1489 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Dale, Macy macy.dale@elginisd.net 1444 Yes
LSSP Duran, Tiffany tiffany.duran@elginisd.net 1494  
4th Grade Teacher Feagin, Rebecca rfeagin@elginisd.net 1483 Yes
1st Grade Teacher Freeman, Pamela pfreeman@elginisd.net 1477
4th Grade Teacher Garcia, Gabrielle gabrielle.garcia@elginisd.net 1486 Yes
Kinder Teacher Garcia, M. Elizabeth megarcia@elginisd.net 1468 Yes
1st Grade Teacher Hernandez, Sandra sandra.hernandez@elginisd.net 1466  
Solid Roots Aide Herzog, Dana dana.herzog@elginisd.net 1461
Music Teacher Homerstad, Sarah shomerstad@elginisd.net 1487 Yes
4th Grade Teacher Huynh, Norma norma.huynh@elginisd.net 1443 Yes
Special Ed. Aide Jones, Marilyn marilyn.jones@elginisd.net 1430
Kinder Teacher Jones, Rebecca lillian.jones@elginisd.net 1481 Yes
2nd Grade Teacher Kalmus, Kaylen kaylen.kalmus@elginisd.net 1464 Yes
Art Teacher Keedy, Allison allison.keedy@elginisd.net 1485 Yes
1st Grade Teacher Lavender, Elizabeth elizabeth.lavender@elginisd.net 1475
Solid Roots Aide Lopez, Dawn dawn.lopez@elginisd.net 1461
3rd Grade Teacher Lopez, Marisela malopez@elginisd.net 1467 Yes
Intervention Teacher McCarty, Stephanie smccarty@elginisd.net 1432 Yes
2nd Grade Teacher Michaud, Nicole nicole.michaud@elginisd.net 1476 Yes
ISS Aide Navejas, Cindy cnavejas@elginisd.net 1435  
5th Grade Teacher Neely, Brandie brandie.neely@elginisd.net 1488 Yes
Solid Roots Olufsen, Jennifer jennifer.olufsen@elginisd.net 1461 Yes
4th Grade Teacher Paone, Catherine catherine.paone@elginisd.net 1440 Yes
Special Ed. Incl./Res. Peace, Karen kpeace@elginisd.net 1430 Yes
Kinder Teacher Pease, Parona ppease@elginisd.net 1478 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Poston, Jeremy jeremy.poston@elginisd.net 1442 Yes
Librarian Powell, Cindy cpowell@elginisd.net 1425 Yes
Intervention Aide Ramirez, Angela aramirez@elginisd.net 1432  
3rd Grade Teacher Ramirez, Erin erin.ramirez@elginisd.net 1480 Yes
PE Aide Rivers, Karla krivers@elginisd.net 1408  
Dyslexia Ruiz, Adriana acastillo@elginisd.net 1462 Yes
1st Grade Teacher Ruiz, Maria mruiz@elginisd.net 1473  
PE Teacher Sandoval, Annette annette.sandoval@elginisd.net 1408 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Sandoval, Guadalupe guadalupe.sandoval@elginisd.net 1448 Yes
Kinder Teacher Santos, Carolina carolina.santos@elginisd.net 1472 Yes
Special Ed. Aide Saucedo, Mary msaucedo@elginisd.net 1430  
4th Grade Teacher Scott, Zulema zscott@elginisd.net 1470 Yes
3rd Grade Teacher Smith, Amy asmith@elginisd.net 1482 Yes
Speech Standish, Melanie melanie.standish@elginisd.net 1431  
3rd Grade Teacher Sutton, Lindsay lindsay.sutton@elginisd.net 1465 Yes
ACE Site Coordinator Swenson, Shelbi shelbi.swenson@elginisd.net 1422 Yes
Gifted and Talented Taylor, Michelle mtaylor@elginisd.net 1495 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Tomerlin, Cynthia cynthia.tomerlin@elginisd.net 1441 Yes
3rd Grade Teacher Tomerlin, Louie louie.tomerlin@elginisd.net 1479 Yes
2nd Grade Teacher Trevino, Erasmo etrevino@elginisd.net 1484 Yes
Kinder Teacher Vaquera, Catherine cvaquera@elginisd.net 1474 Yes
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